Light up the season with savings

Before you untangle your first strand of holiday lights, you may want to consider an investment in energy- and money-saving LED lights. When compared to traditional ones, LED holiday lights:

  • use up to 90 percent less energy
  • last up to 100 times longer
  • are more durable and less likely to break

See how the savings add up with the comparison information listed below.

Holiday lighting discount
We're helping customers save with our holiday lighting discount. Here's the deal.

Simply bring in up to four light strands to our Conservation and Environmental Center. Each strand will earn you a $5 off coupon for LED lights at local Ace Hardware stores. Plus, we will recycle the old lights for you.

  • Offer is only available to Colorado Springs Utilities electric customers.
  • One coupon for each string exchanged, limit four per household, while supplies last.
  • Coupon is valid for $5 off Ace Hardware-branded LED lights. Qualifying product numbers will be printed on the coupon.
  • You must have the coupon to participate. Please do not take old lights to Ace Hardware stores as they will not have the coupons on site.
  • Old lights will be recycled, with proceeds going to Project COPE to provide utilities payment assistance to families with financial hardships. In 2012, we raised more than $1,300 for Project COPE.
  • Drop off old lights off at the Colorado Springs Utilities Conservation and Environmental Center, 2855 Mesa Rd., Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.