Tammy:   There’s something to the 5 second rule!  New research from Britain finds that time really does matter with food that's fallen to the floor.  They found that it’s It's safer to eat food from the floor if it fell on carpet as opposed to tiled or laminate surfaces.  This is especially true when food was moist and left on the floor for more than five seconds.   Of the 87 percent of men and women who admit to picking up food off the floor and eating it...55 percent of those were women.

I recently read a story where Jennifer Aniston said she loves nachos so much that she’d eat them off the floor.  LOL!  How about you?  How do you feel about the 5 second rule?  Eat it or throw it? 

What about a Girl Scout Thin Mint cookie?? Would you pick it up? Those things are priceless!!  So are the Samoas!  lol! 

Photo Credit:  Tammy Oakland