You would think this would have happened in Colorado first...

A 9-year-old Minnesota girl walked into a Barnesville police station and turned in her pothead parents because she said the marijuana smoke in her home was making her sick.

She was worried her dogs would get sick, too. Officer Ryan Beattie says their pint-sized informant is a "very brave, very smart, very articulate little girl." The Minneapolis Star Tribune reports police searched the home and found seven marijuana plants growing under the house. Charges are pending the results of lab tests.

The officer said she was a very brave girl for doing what she did. She will be living with her grandma now!

When police searched the girl’s home last week, they found seven marijuana plants growing under the house, a quantity of drug paraphernalia and a substance that field-tested positive for meth. Charges have not yet been filed, pending the results of lab analysis of the plants and chemicals found in the home, Beattie said. The child, who told police that her parents were selling as well as smoking the drugs, is now out of the house and staying with her grandparents.