Thinking about renting a movie over the holidays?  How about one to make you CRY?  :-) 


The Huffington Post has put together a list of 19 Moments From Your Childhood That Can Still Make You Cry.  Most of them are MOVIE moments, and here are our favorites . . .



"The Lion King":  When Simba's dad Mufasa dies.


"Dumbo":  When Dumbo's mom reaches through the bars of her cage and swings him on her trunk.


"The NeverEnding Story":  When Atreyu's horse Artax dies in the Swamp of Sadness.


"The Iron Giant":  When the Iron Giant sacrifices himself for the town.


"My Girl":  After MACAULAY CULKIN'S character dies, and Vada remarks that he needs his glasses because he can't see without them.


"Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince":  When Dumbledore dies.


"The Fox and the Hound":  When Tod and Copper's friendship has to end.


"Finding Nemo":  When the barracuda takes out Nemo's mother.


"Toy Story 2":  When the SARAH MCLACHLAN song plays over a montage of Jessie the cowgirl being ditched.



(Check out the full list here)