Hiya! I'm Mondo (1026619), a 5-year-old brown and white tiger cat. I'm a quiet boy; I prefer to listen to your stories than tell you about my day. I'm also very calm and relaxed. I'm the perfect friend to keep your lap warm this winter. Mondo means "wise protector," and I take my name to heart! I'm a Sidekick in HSPPR's Feline-ality program, which means I'll be your steady guardian whenever you are home, but I'll do fine on my own too. My adoption is FREE because I’m one of this week’s Hand-Picked Cats. It still includes a voucher for a veterinarian exam, vaccinations, 45 days of health insurance and a microchip.

Want to know more about Mondo? Visit hsppr.org or visit him in person at 610 Abbot Lane in Colorado Springs.