Yummy or Ew? Weird food combinations

On April 16, Jackie Aina tweeted out "I would love to know, what are your favorite weird food combinations? mine is mustard in my yogurt😍" and let's just say that Twitter users lost their minds a bit.

Ignoring the fact that the tweet was just a joke, Aina started a discussion that left people either intrigued, disgusted, or a bit of both.

Many people began listing their own personal preferences when it comes to weird food combinations, as shown below:

Some other noted combinations that weren't mentioned in this thread are pickles and ice cream, melted chocolate on pizza, peanut butter on a hamburger, Frosted Flakes and cheese, peanut butter and jelly with Doritos in it, peanut butter and onion sandwich, and grape jelly and scrambled eggs.

A massive list can be found on Buzzfuse: https://www.buzzfuse.net/96-1/50-weird-food-combinations-which-sound-gross-but-taste-amazing/

My personal favorites that could be considered 'weird' would be dipping dipping french fries in ice cream or a milkshake, salty potato chips dipped in Nutella, and popcorn and ketchup. And, let me just put this out there, I also really do love pineapple on pizza 😜.

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