Clasp The Incline

Clasp The Incline

August 28, 2019

Manitou Incline

Tommy, the first One Arm Skydiver and a Military Veteran, had a Stroke due to a skydiving accident 4 months ago, that left him with multiple injuries. He sustained a broken femur in 2 places, fractured pelvis, 5 fractured ribs, L1-L5 Transverse Process fractures in back, left lung infarct, left kidney damage, bruised adrenal gland, hole in heart, left hemisphere Stroke resulting in aphasia, loss of vision and right side weakness.

Tommy, at age 56, has stayed very positive and continues to inspire and help others. Lisa suffers from (EDS) Ehlers Danlos Syndrome and won’t let it define her. Together, dressed in purple suits, they will help each other reach the top, no matter how long it takes!


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