Brendon Urie Live Streamed The Making Of New Song '1980VRO'

Panic! At The Disco's Brendon Urie is continuing to show just how talented and creative he is!

On Wednesday (February 26), Urie went live on Twitch, as he's known to do, to chat with fans.

In one of his longest Twitch videos, a whole 10 hours (honestly, does his wife ever see him?!) the Panic! front man not only played video games, he went into detail about what is all involved when it comes to writing and recording a song.

And how best to do that than by literally writing a song from start to finish all while thousands of fans watched live — no pressure or anything.

Urie has previously written a couple metal songs while on Twitch but this is the first time he went into such detail about the process and included valuable information for anyone who's in a band or recording their own music.

The song the “Hey Look Ma, I Made It” singer created is a catchy 80s synth song, titled “1980VRO,” that sounds like it came straight out of Stranger Things.

Thankfully, you won't have to watch all 10 hours of the creation process as a fan cut the song into its own 2-minute YouTube video. Honestly, is there anything this man can't do?!

“It's 1980VRO, 1980VRO/ We're going back in time to 1980VRO/ It's 1980VRO, 1980VRO/ We're going back in time to 1980VRO,” Urie sings. 

“1980VRO” isn't an official Panic! Song, but we can all jam to it while we await new music from Urie and company.

If you have 10 hours to spare and want to watch the whole stream, here is part one and part two (but be warned there is strong language in the videos).

Photo: Getty Images

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