Overwhelmed? Here are some tips to help ease anxiety in 5 minutes!

This is fantastic! It's from licensed therapist, Julia Bartz. If you're feeling overwhelmed, you can center yourself in 5 minutes! Here's how it works.

Spend two minutes listing everything that you are feeling at the moment -- emotionally as well as physically. Write down the muscle aches and the nagging itch. Are you hungry? Angry? List exactly how you feel. Identify each emotion.

Draw a circle and create a pie chart. Spend two minutes assigning a slice to each emotion. A larger slice for ones that weigh you down. Smaller slices for the piddling aches.

In the final minute of this five-minute exercise, write an action that you can take today to address the most important issues. (Medium)

I'm totally going to try this!! I usually do a quick 5 minute meditation...deep breathing or a body scan. It really helps!! There are some awesome apps out there if you don't know where to start....like Calm or Headspace. You can even search Youtube. If you're into meditation, the new Oprah and Deepak app is really good too!

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