Justin Timberlake Donates $35K Accessible Van For Teen With Cerebral Palsy

A Tennessee teen with cerebral palsy received a generous donation from a musical superstar over Thanksgiving when Justin Timberlake donated a wheelchair-accessible van to accommodate the teen's needs.

Jake Stitt and his family had been raising money to purchase the $35,000 van when they learned the "Suit and Tie" singer and Tennessee native wanted to buy it for them. He had seen a video about the 17 year old, who is popular in his Morristown community for sitting outside his house with "honk if you're happy" signs, and felt called to help out.

"I was so moved that I want you guys to have this van," Timberlake told Jake and his father, Tim, over a Zoom call on Wednesday. "I'm going to cover all the costs. I want you guys to have a great holiday. You inspire me, Jake."

Tim Stitt is Jake's sole caregiver, but carrying his son to and from a regular van has negatively impacted his own physical health. Timberlake's donation will provide much needed relief to the family, and for that, Tim is incredibly thankful.

"It's going to make his life much easier as we go into our future and it's going to make my life a lot easier because there's not many people that can lift him up and sit him in a van like he needs," Tim told WJHL. "It's going to make our lives so much easier because of the independence he's going to have as a young man now."

Even though the van was donated to the Stitts, the money they were able to raise won't go to waste; instead, it will now go directly to the family.

"God's always provided for us and we keep our faith and we're thankful everyday," Tim said. "It is a true meaning to Thanksgiving ... and it's a blessing to our family to make us be able to have peace and relax more and not have to have worries is amazing. It's very humbling."

Photo: Getty Images