When The Kids Are Sick

It's Tuesday morning, and the day starts like any other. Up at 5:30, you know.. that little bit of quiet time before the kids come running in asking for breakfast, and fighting over who gets to sit in what chair at the table. Let the chaos begin! I don't even have a chance to have my coffee yet! But this morning was a little different. My son wakes up and he is warmer than lava, and my mom-tuition hits and I immediately knew he had a fever. My daughter, being the sweetest big sister that she is, is trying to cuddle him and bring him things while I'm over here low key freaking out that she'll end up catching it (she totally did by the way...), while trying to get her ready and out the door to go to daycare. I had to call into work and ask to work from home, which luckily I was able to do.

After getting my daughter off to the sitters, I set up a nice little spot on the couch for my little sicky and put on Dumbo after the 38459349th time being asked. He was out like a light within 30 mins... NOW was the time to get things done. I made a pot of coffee for the party of one tired mama, and got to work. I was actually able to accomplish work and the 3 loads of laundry that had been piling up in my room for lord knows how long, before I had a crying toddler yelling for me. Little man had a major (and gross) accident on the couch and big boy undies (did I mention we are potty training?). So into the emergency bath he went. Fun fact; give your kid a popsicle in the bath to relax them for a little while, but also NO MESS. It's really a win win. It's amazing how kids can go from having a huge meltdown and running a fever to being silly in the bathtub within 30 minutes.

After getting him out and changed, he wanted to sleep...again. And this time so did mama. I laid with him while he fell asleep, then snuck out like a prisoner escaping jail. I think I made it out for probably 20 minutes before the words "mommyyyyyy! I want you..". echoed through the house. We did this 3 more times until I ended up bringing him in bed with me. He was napping hard now. He simply needed his mama. These days are hard! When your little ones are sick, you are the only parent (at least in my case), and you have your whole day flipped upside down. The struggle is real, and that extra glass of wine at the end of the day is pretty dang real too... only to have to do it over again a few days later with my daughter. Can this mama catch a break?!

Emily Kay


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