Daddy's HOME!

Where do I even begin! For the past 8 years, my husband has been working his way up the baseball chain as an Umpire in the Minor Leagues. This means for the past five years, I have been a single parent March through September with the occasional visit home or trip out to see him. But let's be real.. with having to take care of two little ones, while also working a 40+ hour job, there wasn't much time for anything in between. As you other "part time" working single mamas can understand, it takes a routine to get all this stuff done smoothly. And have I those moments where I think to yourself "I'm rocking this single mom stuff". Then BOOM...a wrench is thrown in. This is exactly what happened to us. Now we all have to get used to our new "normal"... and I have to get used to seeing my husband EVERY. SINGLE. DAY (not that it's a bad thing), but sharing the WHOLE bed again?! That's something I'm going to have to get used to! I also have to deal with the "big kid" leaving his clothes on the floor, or RIGHT NEXT TO THE HAMPER. I mean how hard it that extra step, really? Do I look like a laundry fairy? (I'm a little peeved on this one if you can't tell ha ha). But on the bright side, this also means that I get to enjoy an entire fresh cup of HOT coffee (no microwave required) in the mornings because my kids have become GLUED to their dad...for now anyway. Bedtimes aren't going to be as difficult, because let's be honest, I can't be teamed up on now (sorry kids!). This means that we can now have family dinners on the somewhat regular, and no more missed Mother's or Father's Day. But the best part of him being home for good, is at the end of the day I get to sit down with my hubby, have a glass of wine and really relax.

Emily Kay


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