10 Things I Love Best Challenge

What's up guys?!

This week I thought it would be fun to share 10 things that I love, and I want YOU to share your "list" too!

  • 1.) My little fam bam
  • 2.) WINE (a sweeter red to be specific)
  • 3.) The smell of freshly cut grass
  • 4.) Traveling and road trips (that I don't get to do much of)
  • 5.) The sounds of waves crashing on the shore at the beach
  • 6.) Friendships that I have
  • 7.) Enjoying a quite night and conversations with my hubby on the patio after the kids have gone to sleep
  • 8.) Drawing
  • 9.) Little surprises
  • 10.) Photography

Ok! There is my list of 10 things I love..and I want to hear what you love too! So leave a comment down below and let me see your list!

Emily Kay


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