Easter egg fail

posted by Tammy Oakland -

How do you screw up Easter Eggs?!??   Leave it to me.  :)  I have no idea what happened.  We boiled the eggs.  We did the tablets in the vinegar.  They eggs looked fantastic.  Until they dried.  The dye evaporated in the weirdest places so they were the ugliest Easter Eggs ever LOL!  THEN.... we went to peel them to make deviled eggs and they would NOT peel!! LOL.  We had to throw them in the trash.  :(  Boo.  So we didn't have any real Easter eggs this year, which means no leftover egg salad sand which for me today!  I did have two that turned out ok.... (two out of three dozen eggs mind you )  Check em out....

Hope your Easter was fabulous!


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