The Facebook Rule book is out!

As long as I can still post cute animal pictures I'm good..... LOL  :)

Facebook is releasing a rule book for what it allows on the  giant social network. The rules cover subjects ranging from drug use and  sex work to hate speech, bullying, and inciting violence.

The information now available on the website is much more detailed than a brief,  general version of Facebook's "community standards" for what people can  post. In all, it’s about 25 pages of guidelines that the company hopes  users will see as the transparency they’ve promised.

The company says it's putting out the longer document to clear up confusion and be more open about how it operates. 

And here’s a fun fact: Facebook has 7500 “content reviewers” at present – that’s up 40% from a year ago.

Click here to check it out

Source: Facebook

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