Building a DIY Guinea Pig Cage

posted by Tammy Oakland -

tammy guinea pig cage

We added a couple of Guinea pigs to our family last week.  They are the cutest little babies!  But as we all know, babies get bigger.  We quickly realized that they are going to outgrow the cage we bought.  And of course, because I love all my little critters, I want them to have the best home ever.  So, I started researching online and found some cool cages.  They are expensive to I found some DIY sites and decided to well....Do It Myself :) I ordered the wire squares, then had to go to the store to get the was way to big for my vehicle so I had to drive with it sitting on my head.  But fit. LOL.  I'm going to start attempting to put it together tonight.  Wish me luck.  I'll update you on my progress.  :)  

Here's a video that will give you kind of the idea of what I'm going to try build...   


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