Ways to keep the workday fun

posted by Tammy Oakland -

I found this list of ways to make your office fun this Summer.  Because, lets face it, it's getting nice out and you don't want to work LOL.   I like some of these ideas!   The only thing is...if you're making S'mores in the microwave...clean up after yourself ha ha!

  • Bring iced coffee in for your faves – Who doesn’t love a surprise iced coffee?
  • Make s’mores in the microwave – Everyone’s going to want to take a break from work for this.
  • Spend your lunch break outside – There’s nothing like enjoying the nice weather while you can.
  • Wear something festive on casual Friday – Hawaiian shirts, anyone?
  • Start a sports league for after work – Get some of your buddies together to play a game after work.
  • Host an office barbecue – There’s nothing better than throwing some dogs on the grill with your work wives.
  • Put on a summer playlist – Use a killer list to get your mind in summer mode.   ***iHeartRadio has a playlist for that!***

Source: Elite Daily


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