Saving you money on groceries!

 I'm not sure it's worth it to go to the store every day...(but honestly, it feels like I'm always at there anyway LOL)  But hey...saving some coin is always awesome!  

New research shows it’s cheaper to buy groceries on certain days of  the week, and if you usually hit the grocery store on the weekends,  you’re probably paying more. According to a new study from mobile  technology company Ibotta, groceries cost more on Saturday and Sunday, which is when most people are off work and shopping.

According to Ibotta’s research, this is when we should shop to save more:

  • Shop on a Tuesday to stock up on wine, it averages about 4% cheaper.
  • Wednesdays are great for buying bread, 2% cheaper and beer, about 1% cheaper.
  • Need snacks? Shop on a Thursday to get a little less than 1% off your sweet and savory treats.
  • And on Fridays, produce and ice cream are about 1% cheaper.

Source: The Daily Meal

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