Hiding packages from the hubby

OMG this is hysterical.  And I know a few women that would love a welcome mat like this (and the delivery guy too ha ha!)

A Texas woman shared video of a "loyal" Amazon delivery driver who  gave in to her doormat's request to "hide packages from husband."

Haslet resident Vanessa O'Shea posted a photo to Facebook showing her  doormat, which reads "please hide packages from husband," alongside a  doorbell camera video of an Amazon delivery driver doing his best to  fulfill the request.

"Shoutout to #amazon for always being loyal and hiding my packages," O'Shea wrote.

She said the scheme wasn't quite effectiveat preventing her husband from becoming suspicious.

"My husband and I were at dinner when he got the notification that  someone was at our front door," she told KRIV-TV. "At least he tried!"

Source:  https://www.upi.com/Odd_News/2018/06/05/Loyal-Amazon-driver-hides-packages-from-Texas-womans-husband/9021528207980/?utm_source=sec&utm_campaign=sl&utm_medium=7

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