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Anyone who has a kid (who has a favorite toy) will LOVE this story!!!!  


A heartbroken toddler recently had an unlikely reunion with a toy bunny after it survived a harrowing ordeal and a much-needed bath.

Three-year-old Madison Rachal was out shopping with her mom at a Publix store in Alabama. When they returned home, Madison couldn't find her stuffed animal named Bunny and was distraught.

Her mother assumed she must have left in inside a shopping cart at the store and returned to see if it had turned up, but there was no sign of Bunny.

Later on, Madison's mom shared her ordeal on social media and asked for help in finding Bunny. The post was eventually seen by Mike Gayheart, who happens to be the manager at the Publix store.

Gayheart decided to review the store's surveillance footage and saw Bunny get thrown into the trash. Not ready to give up yet, he asked three other employees to go with him to the landfill where the store's trash was dumped. They sifted through the garbage and eventually found Bunny.

Gayheart took Bunny home and washed him three times. He then delivered him to Madison, who was thrilled to have her friend back. Madison's mom was so touched, she praised Publix in a Facebook post and wrote, "This is above and beyond, and a true example of the good people in the world!” (WKRG-TV)

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