Over the Edge

I did it!! I went Over the Edge for CASA of Pueblo!!!  I'll be honest.... I was super excited to do this and not really afraid.  Until I got on the roof and on the edge.  Check out the video... you'll see me start to freak out.  BUT.... I faced my fear and I did it!!!!  And it was actually really fun once you got "over the edge"      A huge thank you to everyone who donated and who came out and cheered me on.  I think I heard that 67 people also took the challenge and rappelled from the Thatcher building to raise money and awareness for CASA of Pueblo.  Great job everyone!!!   Last I heard, we raised $70,000 this weekend.  Makes my heart feel good      And a HUGE thank you to everyone who trained us and made sure this was a super safe and super fun event!!!!

Check out the pictures and the videos below!!

Here's the video of me going over the edge!


And here's a top view of what I went thru to build up the courage to go over!!

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