The Halloween Pickle

Earlier this month, I was talking about my love of Halloween and how Halloween trees were becoming more popular. After the show, I got an email from a listener, Maggie, who asked if I had ever heard of the Halloween Pickle. It's a book by Sarah Kage. I had never heard of it, so she brought me a copy to read. I finally finished it this weekend and it is such a fun/cute book! Totally up my alley with my love of Halloween. It's about what happens after you die. And there is a resident evil that steals the hearts of the the souls need to get them back to move on. Let me tell you, after reading it, I was inspired to put up my very own Halloween tree. So I started on it this past weekend. I found some old orange ribbon to string around it, a witch's hat for up top and a ghoul to hang on it. I need to find some more stuff to really spruce it up! And thanks to the will include my Halloween pickle. :) I think we have started a new tradition thanks to Maggie and Sarah Kage! (added Christmas tree is already up so it saves time come Christmas season LOL)

The Halloween Pickle is a cute book. Give it a read! You might want to start your own Halloween pickle tradition!

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