A date with wolves!

Oh my goodness, I had the best birthday experience ever! A dear friend of mine surprised me with a wolf encounter experience at Garden of the Gods. Wolves are my all time favorite animal. There is just something so beautiful and so magical about them. I have seen them thru fences before, but never have been able to get up close and personal. This was such a special moment! We got to meet two wolves from Colorado Wolf Adventures. Their names were Spirit and Ghost (appropriate names considering we did this Halloween morning!) We got to interact with them and learn so many fun facts. Did you know they can smell a mile away??? Or hear up to 10 miles away? So fascinating and so beautiful.
When they howled I literally cried. It was amazing. Ghost gave me kisses and leaned against me and gave me the biggest hug. It is definitely a morning I will never forget! If you're interested, they also do wolf walks and have educational programs. Here's their website: www.coloradowolfadventures.com.