New Rules: The NFL is going to look a little different next season!

Big changes are coming to the NFL next season. A few weeks ago, we talked about the fact that the owners voted to add a 17th regular season game (while eliminating one of the four pre-season games in exchange).

Now the NFL has announced several other rule changes that we're going to notice before the start of the 2021 season. Here are some...

  • There will no longer be overtime during pre-season games (makes sense since teams are just trying to avoid injuries during preseason and the score really doesn't matter).
  • Wide Receivers, running backs, linebackers, and defensive backs will have an expanded selection of jersey numbers (traditionally, receivers could only use number 10-19 or 80-89, running backs and defensive backs could only use 20-49, and linebackers were only 40-59 or 90-99).
  • Owners approved changes in kick-off set ups to get teams a better chance to get the ball back from an on-side kick.

Photo: Getty