Nevermind turns 30 TODAY!!

Nirvana's "Nevermind" was a very formative album for me and the first I had a on CD (if you don't know what a CD is, ask a grown person). It's hard to believe the is record was released 30 years ago today! Thirty years later, there is still much debate about how go it is (I think it's one of the most influence of the 90s). One of the biggest singles, Smells Like Team Spirit, was named the 5th best song of all time by Rolling Stone. The album's cover art is known universally, the naked baby fishing for a dollar in a pool. By the way, that baby is now in his thirties too and currently suing the band, claiming that he was exploited.

Love it or not, this record took grunge out of Seattle and placed it in every suburban teenager's CD player in America and opened the door for thousands of Alternative bands!

Happy Birthday NEVERMIND!

Photo: Getty

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