Are you going to sleep at the right time?

Are you getting enough sleep? Are you getting good sleep? It all seems to depend on what TIME of night you go to sleep!

I think everyone has done it...if you're up or even out, you try to do the math in your head..."if I get to sleep in an hour, I'll get 6 hours", etc. That's where the sleep calculator comes into play...if you've ever moved from one city to another, you might have used a "cost-of-living" calculator to figure out how much money you need to make in your new town in order to maintain your lifestyle. The site has set up something similar, but to help you determine what is the ideal time for you to go to sleep. This is based upon your age and getting 7-9 hours with several sleep cycles in a night.

I plugged my age into the calculator (40)....the time my alarm rings (4:30am) and then it gives me three sleep times...7:30pm is my ideal bedtime for 9 hours and 6 sleep cycles (that's never gonna happen), 8:30pm is my "Later Bedtime" with 8 hours and 5 sleep cycles, and my "Last Bedtime" is 10:30pm for 6 hours and 4 sleep cycles!

So interesting, plug in your stats for your three bedtimes! CLICK HERE!

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