What Keeps You Up At Night

We are sleeping longer during this past pandemic year - but having a worse night’s sleep due to a change in routine, general worry and late night snacking. Research found the average adult got six hours and 43 minutes of sleep on a typical weekday night before the coronavirus pandemic. But a lack of school runs and commuting has seen the average adult getting around an hour of extra sleep each week – just under seven hours on each weeknight.

Top 10 reasons we are having a worse night’s sleep:

1. The general change of routine

2. General worries about coronavirus

3. Worries about family members getting sick

4. Worries about my health/ my family's health in general

5. Worries about catching coronavirus myself

6. Worries about finances

7. Worries about going outside to do things like food shopping

8. Looking at screens closer to bedtime such as watching TV or checking social media

9. Worries about work

10. Reading the news before bed

photo credit: Getty Images