Some Players And Fans Think Kobe Should Be The New NBA Logo!

Some NBA fans and players are pushing to change the NBA's logo from Jerry West to Kobe Bryant's silhouette. Brooklyn Nets player Kyrie Irving is taking the lead in making this change. He posted on Instagram a version of the NBA logo with Kobe as the figure in the middle with the caption, "Gotta Happen, idc what anyone says. BLACK KINGS BUILT THE LEAGUE." Vanessa Bryant also shared the post on her Instagram story with the caption, "Love this. @KyrieIrving."

Kyrie is aware that not everyone will love the redesign, but he believes that Kobe's image represents change and excellence. The current red-white-and-blue logo was designed in 1969, but it was never meant to honor a single player and the NBA doesn't officially acknowledge it was based on Jerry West. However, the designer of the logo admitted that he did in fact model it off of a picture of the Lakers player. Jerry West has said in the past that he supports changing the design.

Do you think Kobe should be the new logo of the NBA?

Photo Credit: Getty Images