This 3-Year-Old Asked For A Morbid 'Lion King' Cake For A Hilarious Reason!

Whenever you ask your child what kind of birthday cake they want, it's not surprising if they ask for their favorite movie or TV show or even something a little out of the ordinary. Well, 3-year-old Leona Feigh asked for a very specific 'Lion King' cake for her birthday and the Internet can't get enough of it. Comedian Casey Feigh posted on Twitter,

“My niece turned 3 today!! She asked for a ‘Lion King’ cake but specifically the moment where Mufasa dies, because ‘everyone will be too sad to eat the cake and it will all be for me.’'

This is one way to get a birthday cake all to yourself! In the photos of the cake, you'll see Simba on top of the cliff looking down at his dead father Mufasa. Leona’s mom, Alison Feigh, told TODAY Parents that she was too embarrassed to call the bakery for this request so she ended up emailing the bakery. Not only did the Thirsty Whale Bakery say yes, but they offered Alison a variety of options. Alison shared that she ended up picking a random option, but of course she made the right choice as the cake even has realistic claw marks.

You can see the birthday cake below:

Photo Credit: Getty Images